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I just got back to my room and I read news about Amanda Todd.

Who is Amanda Todd? If you haven’t watch her video, just go on YouTube and search it up. Or you can watch it here. I don’t know if the link works though.

It breaks my heart that she has to go through all of that. Being bullied, going through depression, cutting herself and attempting suicide. And literally committing suicide. She is such a beautiful young girl.

If you didn’t know about her past, would you be friends with her?

It really pisses me off how people can be so heartless. Online bullying is disgusting. She dowsed herself with bleach and all people could say was ‘Is she dead yet?’ She was punched in front of a field of people and nobody came to rescue her or stand up for her. Which society are you living in because I am sure even the animals help out one another.

Who gave you the right to judge her? Sure, she made a few mistakes but who hasn’t? Shes’s 15 for crying out loud! That’s the age where you make mistakes and learn from them.
And yes, she gave a guy a nude picture of herself. So did Vanessa Hudgens. Did you ask Vanessa Hudgens to go commit suicide? Yes, she hooked up with a dick who happens to be in a relationship. Why target her alone? What about the guy? He’s a bag of shit. And how the guy’s girlfriend can go after Amanda is beyond me. Your boyfriend cheated on you. Can you please look at the bigger picture?

Who gave all these people the right to post on her Facebook telling her to commit suicide? Are you for real? She has nothing to do with you. What she did in the past does not interfere with your life. What the fck? Mind your own damn business.

And the other dick who circulated her nude picture online, please get your brain checked. I don’t understand these people who targeted Amanda. Did you stop and find out who put the picture online and target the source instead of the victim? Did you for once stop and think how disgusting this guy is to post pictures of a girl’s breasts? Every girl has breasts, what’s so intriguing about Amanda’s breasts? If you wanted stimulation or ‘fun’, there’s always a place on the Internet called porn. Can you please pay that place a visit instead?

I can’t wrap my head around this. I know I have not experience depression, neither am I hoping to. I have not touch the study of depression in Psychology either but I know for sure it is a dark place for someone who suffers from depression. Instead of bashing at these victims, why don’t we try to help them out?

The next time you wanna call someone fat, skinny, short or ugly, think before you utter those words. Why don’t you look at his/ her positive side instead of focusing on the negative?

Why can’t we try making someone feel good about themselves? It’s so simple. Just smile at them. Or say a simple ‘Hello’ or sit with them at lunch and crack a conversation.

You might be the reason someone stops thinking that he/ she is unimportant for that day.

Think about it. Try it.

I may not personally know Amanda Todd but I know for sure no one deserves to be treated the way she was treated.

Your past does not define who you are in the future.